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Combining Comfort, Functionality and Beauty

Environment plays a crucial role in the life of a healthy and content bird

Despite our best intentions, the captive bird's basic needs are oftentimes underprovided. Enclosures are usually confining or overly crowded. Little attention is given to lighting and climate; air quality may be problematic. Regrettably, diets can be incomplete and perhaps deficient of necessary nourishment. Health, longevity and overall wellbeing is compromised. tit-mouse-enclosure

Twin Beaks® Aviary has made avian nutrition advancements holistically, with our Organic Herb Salad™, Hatched! Eggshell™, and Mother Hen's Bakery™ Rusks. We're also attempting to enhance your bird's wellbeing with innovative GreenBeaks® Natural World Habitats™ and Habitat Interiors™

Your bird can be held captive in a cage, or thrive in the atmosphere of a GreenBeaks® Natural World Habitat™. lourdes

Natural World Habitats™ replaces plastic cups and perches, metal bars and newspaper trays, with natural and natural-looking details. Rock-like dishes serve well for food, drink and bathing. Preserved branches and vines provide a natural feel when resting. Naturally gathered grass substrates replace paper. An abundance of live and silk fauna promote activity, offer your bird a sense of privacy, and a feeling of security.

Natural World Habitats™ adapt to your bird's needs... Not the other way around.

GreenBeaks®'s Habitats come in varying sizes, from table or stand mount, to walk-in. Their unique and natural designs promote successful breeding results, even in the cages.* Taleh

3'L x 3'H x 2'D
4'L x 3'H x 2'D
5'L x 4'H x 3'D
6'L x 6'H x 5'D

Construction of the frame, top and back is Oak, and offered in a variety of non-toxic finishes. Floors are pine and may be tiled or laminated. The material for the front and sides is a strong, nylon netting with 3/8" openings, able to contain even the smallest of finches. It is less obtrusive than glass and without reflection, glare and the constant need for wiping. Black is the color of choice; it is more inconspicuous than green or silver.

Birds can neither hang on glass, nor break their necks on netting.


Standard in all Natural World Habitats™, are combo-lighted hoods containing both daylight-balanced fluorescents and nighttime blacklights. The fluorescents remain cool, as well as economical, to run throughout the day. Timers are recommended and offered optionally.

All Habitats are equipped with two doors, large and small, one at each end. The larger opening can accommodate placement of fountains, plants and hanging feeders, while the smaller door discourages escapement. Our large 6' aviary is also equipped with a door large enough for entry.


Our flights and cages have live flora, added to an abundance of silk plants, vines, and trees. Each cage and flight has several water sources and a variety of seed feeders, both dishes and hanging tubes. Water is provided by ball-tipped, tube style bottles.

We choose meadow grass (timothy grass), or aspen shavings for the cage flooring. I find the grass to be easily maintained, and keeping within our Natural World Habitats™ design guidelines. This type of covering provides additional nesting material, satisfies the bird's instinct to forage, and provides a more secure feeling when they are on the bottom of the enclosures. It also traps scattered seed. Give it a good shake, and the debris falls through to the bottom, keeping it clean between changing.

Good ventilation and air flow is a must.


Optional cage addons are working waterfalls and fountains. The sounds of the flowing water acts as a breeding stimulant. Also available are misters, programmed to go on several times per day. This is very beneficial for those birds that are not avid bathers, as well as the ones that are found in tropical climates.


The first thing I hear when I awake in the morning is the sound of singing birds. I am eager to tend to them; this is my favorite part of the day! The extra care that goes into providing this environment for our flock is my way of saying "Thank you!". Being so happy and active is their way of saying "You're welcome!"

Natural World Habitat® Hand-Painted Murals

mural2 mural1

*Single pairs or same species are recommend when working with challenging genera. An appropiate diet, indoor climate and an abundance of live food is essential.

Natural World Habitats™ is a trademarked product of Twin Beaks® Aviary. The use or display of Natural World Habitats™ in packaging materials, product descriptions or advertising is strictly prohibited.