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Marshmallow root (Althaea officinalis) has an impressive nutrient content, which includes starch, pectin, various antioxidants, organic acids and natural sugars.

Some of the most impressive benefits of marshmallow root include its ability to improve the health of the skin, feathers and fur, protect the respiratory system, optimize digestion and strengthen the immune system.

It soothes inflammation of the skin and clears up a number of skin afflictions. The antibacterial nature of the root will prevent infections, while the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties can help speed up healing and improve the overall appearance of the skin.

Marshmallow Root is high in protein and various key minerals.

Marshmallow Root cuts through the mucus and phlegm in your respiratory tracts. It can help attack the underlying infection that is causing sinus infections and inflammatory issues.

There are antibacterial and antiviral properties of Marshmallow Root that makes it an important support tool for the immune system. By preventing pathogens from taking hold throughout the body, it is able to reduce strain on your system and boost your metabolism. This root is particularly well-known for its impact on the gut, which is where more than half of the immune function of the body occurs. Marshmallow Root can soothe the swelling and reduce discomfort.

The stimulating and anti-inflammatory nature of Marshmallow Root, along with its mucilage and pectin content, can help to improve the digestive process in the body, speeding up peristaltic motion and improving the efficiency of nutrient uptake. It is well-known as a diuretic and is closely linked to kidney health. It speeds up the process of eliminating excess fats, salts, toxins and water from the body.

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